Twin Cylinder/Spreader Compatible

The RS (Spreader Compatible) model is designed for commercial use with full size ¾ ton and 1 ton 4-wheel drive vehicles. The RS is the most rugged and versatile Snowman pull plow because of the twin cylinders and heavy steel construction. The wide-set mounting arms allow enough clearance for the plow to operate with most spreaders. Compatible with most tailgate and vee box spreaders. A tested and approved receiver hitch is provided with each plow. Hydraulic POWER DOWN pressure scrapes the surface cleaner, significantly reducing the amount of salt and sand needed for de-icing.

  • The Snowman pull plow ELIMINATES “Back Dragging” and turnaround time allowing the operator to clean twice as many drives per hour.
  • GREAT for condos, loading docks, driveways . . . any dead-end application.
  • EXCLUSIVE HIGH LIFT blade raises over large drifts and pulls them away.
  • Scrape the surface cleaner in just one pass with the Hydraulic POWER DOWN.

Best By Design:

  • Tested and approved receiver hitch provided with each plow
  • POWER DOWN scrapes cleaner – 1450# Pump Pressure
  • EXCLUSIVE HIGH LIFT effective in deep snow — up to 47″ lift
  • The industry’s ONLY Spring-Trip Pull Plow
  • Standard box wings to hold the snow in while plowing
  • Productive ballast — relieves front axle stress created by front plows
  • Quick installation time – approx. 3 hours
70+ RS 80+ RS
Blade Width 7 feet 8 feet
Gauge 12 ga. 12 ga.
Approximate Weight 750 pounds 775 pounds
Ribs 6 8
Approximate to End of Plow 40 inches 40 inches
Trip Springs 4 4
Hitch Provided Yes Yes
Required Hitch Class 5 5
Standard Box Wings Yes Yes
Spreader Compatible 48 inches wide x 20 inches deep 48 inches wide x 20 inches deep
Blade Height 23 inches
Color Red or Yellow
Finish Powder Coat