Discover the SUV and light truck snowplow! Vehicles are built to pull, not push. The Sport/Utility Power Angle pull plow works with your vehicle by pulling the snow rather than pushing. Eliminate the possible risk of front-end damage to your vehicle from increased axle weight of a front mount plow.

The SUV and Light Truck Snowplow

Lighter axle capacities of today’s SUV’s and 4-wheel drive trucks limit the ability of many of these vehicles to carry the heavy front mount snowplows. Still, many vehicle owners would like to use these 4×4’s for light commercial and personal use snowplowing.

Snowman’s Sport/Utility snowplow is specially designed for SUV’s and light trucks. It has an easy on/off hook-up to the vehicle’s existing Class III (or higher) 2″ square receiver hitch . . . nearly the same procedure as hooking up a utility or boat trailer. The complete plow can be easily removed after each use unlike the unsightly front mounts.

How does the plow work? Vehicles are built to pull. Snowman’s Sport/Utility snowplow works with your vehicle by pulling the snow rather than pushing. Using the power angle, the driver operates a small hand-held cab remote to easily position the snow to the left or right while driving forward. The plow’s high lift feature (up to 47″) and 23″ large capacity moldboard make for quick and easy removal of deep snow and high drifts left by the winter wind.

Best By Design:

• Easy hook-up to your vehicle’s 2″ square receiver hitch (class III or higher)
• Exclusive dual spring down pressure for a cleaner surface
• The industry’s only spring-trip action pull plow!
• Cab remote power angle positions snow without a front mounted snowplow
• High lift, effective in deep snow
• Built tough with six reinforcing steel ribs welded to the 12 ga. steel moldboard
• Baked on powder coat paint for a hard, slick finish — available in red or yellow


Sport/Utility Power Angle Snowplow
General Specifications
Model Blade Width Gauge Approx. Weight Ribs Approx. to End of Plow Trip Springs Hitch Provided Required Hitch Class
65 LDA 6.5′ 12 ga. 452# 6 36″ 2 No 3
75 LDA 7.5′ 12 ga. 472# 6 36″ 2 No 3
Blade Height: 23″ Color: Red or Yellow Powder Coat Finish

* Specifications, features and options subject to change without notice by Snowman Snowplow, Inc. Limited Warranty applies. See your dealer for details.