Snowman Central is in the process of getting a facelift!

The East end has been power washed and primed.

The West end has been power washed and partially primed.

The North side of the building is completely finished!

Front of the building has been power washed.

We are waiting for a dry day to finish priming and painting.

In 2008 Snowman purchased a 20,000 sq ft facility to centralize operations. Snowman Central includes their main office, shipping & receiving area, snowplow warehouse and 3 bay installation shop. Winter snow removal; summer landscaping & lawn care; and power washing services are also operated from Snowman Central. Snowman’s workforce has increased to a crew of over 60 contractors and sub-contractors during snow events and a summer crew of 20 lawn care and power washing professionals.

Snowman also has locations in Ottumwa, Iowa and Kirksville, Missouri for operating snow removal and lawn care services.

After over 15 years of using original Snowman logo and slogan, Snowman has a new look.

Why the change?

Owner, Ed Altheide, felt the new logo better matched the toughness of the Snowman products and since the company now offers other services, including snow removal, lawn care and high pressure power washing, the new logo allows for all aspects of the business:snowplow sales and the service side of the business.

We are very grateful for the outstanding dealers, customers and employees the past 18 years.

We look forward to serving you in the future!