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Quick mount, twin cylinder, spreader compatible model pull plow. Increase efficiency by eliminating “back dragging” and turn around time. Clean at least twice the drives per hour with the front and back plow method. Great for condos, loading docks, driveways or any dead-end applications. Scrape surfaces cleaner in just one pass with the hydraulic down pressure system and pull in more profit.


Twin Cylinder/Spreader Compatible

The RS (Spreader Compatible) model is designed for commercial use with full size ¾ ton and 1 ton 4-wheel drive vehicles. The RS is the most rugged and versatile Snowman pull plow because of the twin cylinders and heavy steel construction. The wide-set mounting arms allow enough clearance for the plow to operate with most spreaders. Compatible with most tailgate and vee box spreaders. A tested and approved receiver hitch is provided with each plow. Hydraulic POWER DOWN pressure scrapes the surface cleaner, significantly reducing the amount of salt and sand needed for de-icing.

  • The Snowman pull plow ELIMINATES “Back Dragging” and turnaround time allowing the operator to clean twice as many drives per hour.
  • GREAT for condos, loading docks, driveways . . . any dead-end application.
  • EXCLUSIVE HIGH LIFT blade raises over large drifts and pulls them away.
  • Scrape the surface cleaner in just one pass with the Hydraulic POWER DOWN.

Best By Design:

  • Tested and approved receiver hitch provided with each plow
  • POWER DOWN scrapes cleaner – 1450# Pump Pressure
  • EXCLUSIVE HIGH LIFT effective in deep snow — up to 47″ lift
  • The industry’s ONLY Spring-Trip Pull Plow
  • Standard box wings to hold the snow in while plowing
  • Productive ballast — relieves front axle stress created by front plows
  • Quick installation time – approx. 3 hours


70+ RS 80+ RS
Blade Width 7 feet 8 feet
Gauge 12 ga. 12 ga.
Approximate Weight 528 pounds 545 pounds
Ribs 6 8
Approximate to End of Plow 40 inches 40 inches
Trip Springs 4 4
Hitch Provided Yes Yes
Required Hitch Class 4 5
Standard Box Wings Yes Yes
Spreader Compatible 48 inches wide x 20 inches deep 48 inches wide x 20 inches deep
Blade Height 23 inches
Color Red or Yellow
Finish Powder Coat

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